• After A Song, CD


    “O’Brien has made an album that sounds like what might have happened had Hartford brought some of his old buddies into the studio to make a Colin O’Brien tribute — an album that more than occasionally bottles the lightning that was Hartford’s engagingly off-center songwriting, without settling for simple imitation” Jon Weisberger The Nashville Scene

  • Inside These Guitars, CD


    This recording is my first all instrumental recording. On it I play Six and twelve string guitars. Every track is one solo guitar, no over-dubbing here!The compositions and technique are nourished by my interest in both classical and folk traditions. Here the guitars invoke rhythmic ethereal sonorities, light dancing melodies, and inflections of blues.

  • Dancing By the River, CD


    On this recording I play Banjo, Guitar, Fiddle, Sing and dance foot percussion. There’s one instrumental in the whole bunch. All of the songs I wrote except “Deep River Blues”. The version on this recording is the one Pat Donahue enjoyed…He plays guitar on Prairie Home Companion.

  • Salt Creek Live, CD


    Salt Creek was a great live band and this recording documents some of their finest performances. The group won several awards from the Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI). Before disbanding in 2010 the band played shows with Marty Stuart, Dan Tyminski, The Bodeans, Cornmeal and a host of others.

  • Salt Creek Rollin’ Forward, CD


    Hear the Band at Salt Creek Rocks

  • Pressure in the West, CD


    This is Colin’s debut recording, released in 1997. It was co produced by Willy Porter. It’s release led to Colin’s appearance on the World Café radio program as well as a review in Billboard Magazine “O’Brien’s vocals convey more years than he has lived…”

  • Guitar Licks Goldmine, DVD


    With four hours of content, this DVD is jam-packed with lead lines, phrases, and riffs personally taught to you by professional guitarists Colin O’Brien, Matthew Schroeder, Ben Woolman and Peter Roller. Each and every lick includes a walk-through explanation and note-for-note on-screen tablature. Normal and slow-speed performance demos are included to really help viewers master the licks. 4 hours, 4 minutes.

  • Play Banjo Today, DVD


    This is a DVD, and it closely follows the sequence of the Play Banjo Today book. There are a couple of different tunes though! Examples are played slowly, with tabulature scrolling across the screen as they are played.

  • Play Banjo Today, Level 1, Book


    This is Banjo from scratch folks.
    From playing your very first notes through some full blown tunes in the three finger or “Scruggs” style. Book comes with audio C.D.

  • Play Banjo Today, Level 2, Book


    This book presents arrangements in advanced bluegrass, single string style and melodic styles as well as chord melody arrangements of Auld Lang Syne and America The Beautiful which were also published in The Banjo Newsletter. As in book one, there’s a CD included!