Americana Finger Style Songwriter

Hello! Thanks for swinging by. The videos here are the best way I can introduce my musical self. My deepest inspirations, both as a composer and performer are (in no particular order) John Hartford, Leo Kottke and Keith Moon. At various times I've tried to sound like those people; and yet they have led me on to sounding like myself! I also have several recordings along with numerous instructional books and DVD's available in the store. I'm glad you're here.



Steam Powered Aeroplane

I primarily compose and perform my own music. However this song was written by John Hartford, a primary inspiration to me for many years. I chose to lead with this video, inspired by the story of an old lady in the front row at a John Hartford concert. She said to John, “Play something I know so I can tell if you're any good or not!" This is a new setting for this legendary tune. Maybe you know it…..If this video is your introduction to this tune, you're in for a treat when you hear John do it. The title is also that of a record he released in 1971, a benchmark recording. Search it up. it's good for people. I tuned the 12 string to a low open G, (down to E) kind of like a banjo (John played this one on banjo) and poof! The song just fell right out of the old Guild. 


                                     Crooked Creek

A 12 string slide number, open D but tuned down to B. That's low folks! Percussive feet. The tune is  a bit inflamitory by design. I don't remember writing it, but I know nobody else did. Aptly named ‘Crooked Creek’ because it has a bit of Cripple Creek in it. If you know that tune, you'll hear it. I reckon you'll hear it even if you don't know it, but wont know you're hearing that. This was filmed in October of '23 out on Bells bend along the Cumberland river near my home in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Early Worm

This song is simple. It's written from the perspective of the early worm, not the bird.

                       Everything's Wrong Song

A whacky-doodle rant. Not comprehensive, but a hell of a start. I wrote it on a clip board whilst driving 78 (or so) miles per hour. Not recommended, but oh well. Flavored burgers got me started. No, I didnt eat them, heavens. I saw them on a billboard outside of Chicago and the floodgates had their way. A lot of folks think everything's wrong with this one. That's good.   


This video is from a 2023 show in Nashville at Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge. Slide 12 string with feet. A  piece somewhat descriptive of it's title. Oh, wait. The title describes the piece. That's it. Or as they used to say, (you know ‘they’ dontcha?) a piece characteristic.